What Are All These Words?

Some may call this an ‘Online Memory Box’, though I am are far too cool to mutter such ridiculous sentiments, even if I was drunk in a bar in Chalk Farm and amongst people I once called ‘friends.’

Essentially, this is my perfect conversation. I get to talk as much as I like about what I like (mainly myself) for as long as I like, and you don’t get to say anything. You can say things, but I may or may not listen.

There will be lots of writing about musical things, and the business around those things.

The will be lots of writings that exist solely to convince you that I am right. Which I am.

There will be rants about things that make me want to rant.

There will be vain attempts by myself to impress my personal tastes upon you. This will not work but I will not stop trying.

There will be links to things that make me laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneously.

There will be other people sharing what they would like to share.