The Music Video #4

I started this weekly video thing to raise awareness of videos that may have passed you by. This is still the aim, but here are some REALLY obvious ones as they’ve been everywhere in the past week.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs

OK Go made two videos for this song. EMI funded the first, who consequently won’t allow it to be embedded as doing so means they don’t receive cash from the ads that surround it on YouTube. It’s good and I’d like to share it with you, but they won’t let me, so I won’t. This means most of you will probably never see it, and will never start a relationship with the band, and will never think to listen to their music. Was that the right decision? OK Go didn’t think so, and left the label last week. But then they made a second…..

This video was paid for by the insurance firm Statefarm, who get a mention at the end of the clip, who allow it to be embedded. Brands investing in art, whatever next? I’m so close to typing a 17 000 word essay right now it hurts, but I’ll allow you to develop your own thoughts on this. Watch the video first though.

‘Makings Of’ were leaked online, with each YouTube clip garnering approximately 100K views each (read about it here). By the time the video was premiered 2 weeks ago today (March 1st), these 100K spread the word to the rest of the world with alarming efficiency. Over 8 million people have now viewed this video. The release date isn’t dead, it just needed redefining.

Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce – Telephone

directed by Jonas Akerlund

The Lady Gaga phenomenon largely passed me by, until whilst dancing drunk on a beach in Thailand it suddenly made sense. I’m not sure if I’d have seen this video were it not for the fact that I work alongside those that help build her into the superstar she is. But I’m glad that I did, because it’s wonderful, and it concerns me that I may otherwise have missed out on it.

So firstly, before you start moaning about it’s length, this is the full version and there are obviously edits. Thriller in it’s entirety is 13 mins long, so shut up. Secondly, yes there are hideously obvious adverts that make you laugh at their crudeness, but remember that this album has far exceeded expectations by selling 10 million copies. Thriller sold 110 million. Someone needs to pay for high-end pop videos, and personally I don’t mind that brands are now contributing. Thirdly, these first two points pale in comparison to the fact that Lady Gaga looks and IS and great pop star. She even outshines Beyonce, something inconceivable a little over a year ago when this great video appeared (not in a pervy way, it’s just great).

As an aside, watch the Beyonce video above and then watch this embarrassing,  plagiarized, recent offering from Pixie Lott. Compared to her US counterparts, she is lacking in presence, charisma, personality and talent. It’s so poor that when an advert for Lacoste appears it simply becomes a joke. Mercury UK, sort your feckin’ lives out.

I can’t end on a low note. Despite all the money and effort put into the videos mentioned above, for me none of them had as much of an impact on me last week as when I saw this. Don’t ever be fooled that money will outdo pure talent.

The National – Terrible Love

live on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’


3 responses to “The Music Video #4

  1. so because she wants the video made to that standard, its ok to let virgin mobile vomit all over it?

    cant see how that arguement can work long term.

    but anyway, thank you for the national video. Goose bumps.


  2. The first one is utter shit. The second is well edited, shot and directed but the content is utter shit. and the third isn’t a music video, you dickhead.

  3. I love you Bilbo. You’re definitely my favourite person ever.

    Isn’t the first at least *slightly* impressive? Could you make all of that happen? By my reckoning a Music Video is a video that contains music, so I believe presence of Video#3 is valid.

    I can’t wait for your next response. I wonder if it’ll be as insightful as your first.

    You dickhead.

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