Spotify Playlists

I’ve been getting a lot of requests recently for an invite to Spotify, the online music streaming service. Despite being around for well over a year, and after my doubts that an ad supported model alone was ever going to work, I have only recently began to think of it as a viable long term solution to accessing music legally online. Why? Its incredible iPhone app, it’s 50K (and rising) Premium Subscribers, the £30 million of extra funding it received in late August, and the recently uncovered fact that the majors secured equity in the company when it started in 2008, which means they REALLY wanna make it work.

Anyway, enough of that. It’s difficult to know what to listen to when faced with the option of  ‘anything you want to hear,’ so here’s my attempt to make the first few steps a little easier. Make sure you have the Spotify application installed on your computer, and simply click on the links below (which are cunningly disguised as noises from the 60’s TV Show Batman). If you don’t have Spotify, then you’ll need an invite. Leave your email address below or get in touch some other way and I’ll send you one. I’ll be making some ones of my own as soon as I get the chance. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Party Playlist, as heard at several Cardozo Rd Parties. POW .

Housemate Jim’s beloved Hard Rockin’ Power Ballads playlist.  WHACK (he’s also responsible for the wonderful header at the top of this blog, when you see him on the street, tell him he’s great. PS. Thanks Jim).

Radiohead ‘Office Chart’. Songs listened to by Radiohead in the past year or so, here’s an example though lots more can be found on the same site. BIFF

Pitchfork Best Albums of 2009 (a selected song from each), read here. Here comes the punch. SOCK

Drowned In Sound Best Albums of 2009 sampler. Read here. OOOOOFFFF

John Peels All Time Festive 50. Lots more Peel ones here. KAPOW

BritPop-tastic. URKK (?)

If you’d rather watch Batman surfing, see below. I know I would.

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